RR Imperial Electricals Limited took part in 12 Mirzapur Ex Cadets’ Association Reunion 2016 during 14 – 16 January 2016 at Mirzapur Cadet College. This was a mega event as more than 2000 registered guests along with current students of Mirzapur Cadet College celebrated the occasion. The 3 days long reunion event was memorable to all participants as it had wide range of activities like sports competition, musical performance, dance performance, computer gaming, lots of foods, fireworks, raffle draw, photo booths, celebrity appearances and many more.


Reunion event began on 14 January 2016 evening by arrival of ex cadets and their family members. On the first evening of reunion, Rafa, Shomrat and MECA bands performed towards audience. RR Imperial Electricals Limited had branded booth at 12 MECA Reunion 2016 along with Berger, Nescafe and Maggi. Participants of 12 MECA Reunion 2016 observed arrival of Chief Guest through a huge helicopter. Later the Chief Guest inaugurated the event and singed over the comments book of Mirzapur Cadet College.


There were arrangements of games and sports for kids of the ex cadets. They enjoyed playing whole day starting in the morning till evening.


Mr. A.N.M Manzoor Murshed, Director, RR Imperial Electricals Limited and Mr. Ekram Kabir, Vice President, Communications and Corporate Responsibilities, Robi Axiata Limited visited booth of RR Imperial Electricals Limited and watched the audio visual along with other visitors.


In the afternoon there was pillow passing game for women. More than 40 participants attended the competition and winners were rewarded by RR Imperial Electricals Limited. Computer gaming contest was held and current students of Mirzapur Cadet College won all the awards offered by ASUS.


There were several photo booths for participants of reunion. RR Imperial Electricals Limited set up one photo booth with the design of facebook timeline along with photo booth consisting of MECA and MCC logo.


There was tremendous singing performance in the afternoon by a young group of cultural activists followed by Kumar Biswajit, Ayub Bacchu and DJ Maria.


Dance performance of Sadia Islam Mou and fireworks were main attraction for all audience. On the last day of 12 MECA Reunion 2016, Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad, President, FBCCI attended and delivered speech on leadership towards current students of Mirzapur Cadet College.


All the participants of 12 MECA Reunion 2016 enjoyed the occasion with fullest and hoped to attend such event again in coming days. RR Imperial Electricals Limited is happy and honored to attend the event through means of sponsorship. Best wishes to MECA and MCC.

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