Copper Rod

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Rod Structure

Sizes 8 mm 12.5 mm 16 mm 20 mm
Diameter 8 mm±0.38 mm 12.5 mm±0.38 mm 16 mm±0.38mm 20 mm±0.38 mm
Electrical Conductivity >100% (IACS) >100% (IACS) >100% (IACS) >100% (IACS)
Elongation >30% >30% >30% >30%
Oxygen(ppm) <10 <10 <10 <10


Technical Data

Breaking Resistance: ~175 N/mm2

Copper Density: ~8.89 Kg/m3  

Casting Type:  Continuous Vertical Casting.

Casting Rate: 640 kg /Hour

Casting Temp: ~1160-1190 degree centigrade.


100% imported LME(London Metal Exchange) registered grade ‘A’ copper cathode used as a raw material for manufacturing rod.

Oxygen(O2) free copper rod (OFC).

Superior electrical conductivity (~101%) and purity 99.99%.

High thermal conductivity.

High ductility.

Less surface oxide.

High creep resistance.

Inclusion free product.

Good weldability.


Our main product is 8mm copper rod supplied in coils on pallets, for use in the cable industry. This material is produced in accordance with all international standards including ASTM-B49, as well as customer-specific requirements.  The rapid pace of growth of the construction industry, increasing demand for high quality electric cables, Our Copper Rod can meet and exceed the expectations of the region’s cable producers in supplying this strategic raw material. Our premium quality rod is made from high purity copper produced by the leading names in the industry, complying with all leading international standards.

We can offer 8 mm, 12.5 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm standard rod sizes upon request, running up to diameters of 20mm. These sizes are used for a wide range of applications including production of copper strip for transformer manufacturing.  Copper rod is the primary raw material for the manufacture of a wide range of electrical cables, with applications including power transmission, data and signal cables, control and instrumentation cables and general wiring in all buildings.


Copper Rod is the primary raw materials for the manufacture of a wide range of a electrical cables, wires with applications including power transmission, data and signal cables, control and instrumentation cables, general wiring in all buildings, transformers, motors and enameled wire.

Multi strand drawing machines.

Strips being made with conform process.

Telecom industry cables, requiring high electrical conductivity,, good weldability, tight physical tolerance and very clean product.

Used for earthing all kinds of buildings and structures.

Wires, cables and conductors for energy and heat transfer system e.g. solar and thermal panels.

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