BYA-FiR I Single Core (Cu/Mica Tape/PVC-FR)



These cables are designed for emergency lighting, fire alarms and essential equipment in fire situations where an uninterrupted power supply has to be guaranteed.

During fire, electric circuits and the associated lighting may be damaged. Power and data communications may be suspended. Human safety may depend on continued operation of lighting, elevators and escalators, fire fighting water pumps, fire alarm and ventilation fans.


Conductor: Solid/Stranded Circular/ Compacted, Plain annealed Copper, Class 1 or Class 2 to BDS IEC 60228

Fire barrier: Mica tape (Synthetic or Glass)

Insulation : Flame Retardant (FR) PVC, Tl1-FR to BS 7655


Circuit integrity for installation in metal conduits : BS 6387 categories C, W & Z (when applied to a single
cable) exceeds IEC 60331 – 3 hours at 750 °C – when the test temperature was increased to 950°C,
equivalent to BS 6387 category C.

Fire resistance test – IEC 60331-21, BS 6387
Flame retardant test – IEC 60332-1-2

Voltage Grade

Uo/U (UM) : 450/750V

Test Voltage : 1.5-2.5 kV

Operating Temperature

– 20°C to +70°C
Max Short Circuit : 750°C

Approx. 6x Cable Diameter

BS 6004
Insulated Core:

(Red or other colors available on request)

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