National Partners Meet 2016-17 of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited took place on 7th February,2017 at Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB). The day-long event was organized to motivate more than 300 promising trade partners of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited.

The event was started at 3:00 pm through registration process followed by snacks distribution, national anthem, company presentation, speech from management and top winners award giving ceremony, group photo session, cultural performance, dinner and cultural program. All the traders were entertained with attractive gift hampers.

Among renowned personalities following people were present in National Partners Meet 2016-2017:

  • Mr. M Hares Ahmed, Managing Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. Mahboob Hossain Mirdah, Director & CEO, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. Shreegopal Rameshwarlal Kabra, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. A.N.M Manzoor Murshed, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. Ahmed Ashfaqur Rahman, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. Sanjay Taparia, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. A M Ahsanul Bari, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited
  • Mr. Satish Kumar Agarwal, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited

Brochure was published in the occasion of National Partners Meet 2016-2017. It contains name and picture of owners of all participating partner trade organizations. Invitation cards were prepared for all eligible trade organizations. One representative from each invited trade organization attended the event. The partners awarded zone wise with different gifts. “National Partners Meet 2016-2017” of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited was a colorful event with lots of precious moments for all the participants. All the pictures, videos and presentations of the event will be available through company website, facebook page and youtube channel within two weeks of the event.

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