RR-Imperial Electricals Limited

An ambitious joint venture company between Imperial Group-Bangladesh and Ram Ratna Group-India. Incorporated With the objective of manufacturing, processing, sale and distribution of Copper Enameled wires, Copper stripes (bare and paper covered), bus bars, Low Voltage and HT cables and electrical products.

RR Imperial Electricals Ltd is the getting together two-minded groups. Two groups who share a single minded passion for bringing the best to Bangladesh as it grows rapidly to become a force in Asian industry. With expertise complementing each other’s strengths, RR Imperial Electricals Ltd aims to be a leader on the horizon of Bangladesh’s hugely potential electrical industry.

Our Mission

At RR-Imperial we value the safety and the satisfaction of our customers above everything else. Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with the international standard quality cables & Wires that are produced using state of the art manufacturing facilities as well as the best quality imported raw materials.

We are focused on driving innovation to meet the changing needs of our clients and are consistently focused on improving the technology behind our cables, Wires & Copper Strips to serve Bangladesh and help aid our ever-developing nation achieve even higher growth potentials.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known, locally as well as internationally as a producer of cables & Wires that are the safest and of the international standard quality.

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