Message from CEO

In RR imperial came about with the merger of two companies, Ram Ratna group and Imperial Group, two very successful companies by their own rights. Imperial Group is the leading manufacturer of textile dyestuff and chemicals in Bangladesh, and Ram Ratna Group is one of the leading producers of premier enameled copper cables in India. Both companies have years of experience in their fields and what sets them apart and the reason behind their success has always been their constant endeavors to meet customer and market needs, and their undeviating attitude for always maintaining the highest quality.

The two companies came together, and I believe that with Ram Ratna Group’s expertise in copper cable production, and Imperial group’s expertise in the Bangladeshi market, they are in a unique position to make RR Kabel a force in the Bangladeshi and Asian industry. In a developing economy like Bangladesh’s, the dedication and endeavor of RR cable brings about potential of a hugely successful move.

We are proud of what were achieved so far, but with our persistent efforts to always improve and grow, without ever compromising on our quality, we hope to one day be the number one trusted brand for cables, and to help our country reach even bigger height, and contribute to its social and economic development.

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