Renowned electric cable brand RR-Imperial Electricals Limited experienced one of its happening events “Annual picnic 2017”. More than 350 participants attended this day long colorful event on 8 February 2017 at Meghna Village Holiday Resort. Owners and employees of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited registered for the picnic during last week of January 2017. As the registration was completed, it ended with a list of players and performers for the picnic.

The journey began from factory and head office of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited in the morning. Participants from outside Dhaka reached head office the earlier night and all participants started together through 6 hire buses. Breakfast was served as everyone arrived at picnic spot. RR-Imperial Electricals Limited branded caps and raffle draw coupons were distributed among all participants of picnic. Inauguration of picnic was observed on stage through recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Anisur Rahman, National anthem as chorus lead by Mr. Md. Yusuf Ali, DGM (Sales and Marketing), and welcome speech by Mr. Mahboob Hossain Mirdah, Director & CEO, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited. Among Board of Directors of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited Mr. A.N.M. Manzoor Murshed, Mr. Satish Kumar Agarwal, Mr. Ahmed Ashfaqur Rahman, Mr. A. M. Ahsanul Bari and Mr. Raghib Hassan were present in the occasion.

There were lots of games and sports competition in annual picnic 2017 of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited. These games are: cricket, balloon shooting, marble race, rope pulling, biscuit race, pillow passing and sack race. All the games and sports were held before lunch and all the players of cricket match, top scorer, best bowler, umpires, scorers and judges of all other games were rewarded with medals. Man of the match and champion trophy were handed over to deserving team and players. Youtube and Facebook celebrity award were distributed to two participant of picnic for their effort over the past year.

Mr. Mahboob Hossain Mirdah, Director & CEO, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited expressed his happiness as he observed performance of cricketers. He announced that he would try to arrange cricket match between Bangladesh and India teams of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited. Cultural program was held after lunch. Mr. Abu Sadat Md. Mamun, Manager (Market Promotion) performed as anchor of cultural program. Songs, dances, group songs, drama, funny news presentation and DJ was presented during cultural program. At the last part of cultural program there was raffle draw. Mr. Satish Kumar Agarwal, Director and Mr. A.N.M. Manzoor Murshed, Director, RR-Imperial Electricals Limited delivered speech towards participants of picnic 2017.

Return journey from picnic spot was started just after sun set. Everybody was tired but happy as they spent a memorable picnic at Meghna Village Holiday Resort. This whole day long picnic was organized to celebrate success of team members of RR-Imperial Electricals Limited and motivate each other to work together in upcoming days. In coming days more events like this picnic will be offered.

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